About Us

Cognizant of the need to deliver proficient, accurate and effective electrical engineering services in the locality, RNCC Engineering Works came to existence in the year 2005.

Under the main focus of utilizing internationally set standards in the field of Electrical Engineering, Consultancy, planning, Design, Estimates and Construction, the organization is best equipped with its highly competent Engineers and proactively skilled workers who exercise utmost discipline and precise craftsmanship only for total satisfaction of its clients, taking into consideration required standard measures in occupational and public safety precautions.

Moreover, it is an ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) fully certified and a Philippine Contractor Accreditation Board registered organization.

RNCC Engineering Works is a single proprietorship Company owned and managed by Mrs. Ninfa Y. Lastima.

What We Are

We are the leader and provider of electrical engineering solutions of the highest quality to our clients within five years.

To provide quality, safe, and diversified electrical services and products that would satisfy and promote the well-being of all stakeholders.

Quality, Safety and Efficiency
We believe that the long-term viability of the company depends on our clients who are satisfied and delighted with our services and products.
We commit to deliver cost-effective outputs through the efficient use of resources and maintenance of a safe workplace.

Honesty, Integrity and God-Centeredness
We believe in putting God at the center of all plans, activities, programs and projects of our company.
We commit to maintain the highest level of ethical standards in dealing with all our stakeholders by way of spiritual nourishment and moral development.

Flexibility, Innovation and Dedication to Work
We believe that the productivity of our employees will contribute greatly to the realization of our vision, mission and objectives.
We commit to be agents of change by continuously improving our processes, systems and structure, and developing our human resources to enhance the company's efficiency, effectiveness and excellence.

Professionalism, Respect and Generosity
We believe that professionalism, respect and generosity must be valued by the owners and the employees in order to earn the trust and confidence of the community and the industry.

Hardwork, Teamwork and Loyalty
We believe that together we can achieve more through cooperation, diligence and esprit de corps in the performance of our duties and responsibilities.
We commit to continue to devote our time, talents and efforts to ensure the future of the RNCC Family.

Environmental Care, Concern and Conservation
We believe that natural and man-made calamities are offshoots of our neglect of the environment, believing also that the health of the people depends on a healthy environment.
We commit to support all programs designed to eliminate waste in the workplace, mitigate pollution in the community, and promote health and sanitation in the society.

Recent News

In compliance for continued International Organizational Standardization (ISO) accreditation, RNCC Engineering Works underwent its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Reassessment/ Surveillance Audit last January 30, 31, and February 1, 2019.

The three (3) day activity was conducted by ISO external auditing firm Certification International Philippines (CIP) covering areas such as Context of the Organization, Sales and Marketing, Controll of externally provided process/products and services, Quality Assurance/Quantity Control, Organizational Knowledge and Competence, Project Management, Warehousing, Customer Satisfaction, Finance Monitoring and measurement, Awareness and communication, documented information, Internal Quality Audit, Maintenance and Management Review.

CIP External Auditors Rodolfo Viola, Jr and Julius Andrew Bonina, in their closing conference with the RNCC management and staff, gave their recommendation for continuous certification of the organization and ended the audit findings with zero (0) non-conformities.

Archive News

The RNCC Engineering Works recently celebrated its 10th year in the construction industry last July 15, 2015 with the theme ONE RNCC at the Mariners’ Court, Cebu City.

Acknowledging several milestones the company went through in the past 10 years, the organization gave Plaque of Recognitions and Tokens to Outstanding Field Workers, Best Performers, Industry Partners and Supporters alike.

RNCC General Manager and Proprietor Roldan P. Lastima commended all those who made the company to where it is at present and urged the continued commitment and zeal in its quest to be one of the best in the industry.

The journey of RNCC Engineering Works started last July 15, 2005 with only eight (8) workers in the firm and rose up to 199 as of this writing.

Its endeavors and participation in different projects all over the nation has made the team known for its accomplishments in the electrical and auxiliary works of some projects under the Megaworld, Inc., Bakun Tunnel in Ilocos Norte, Batangas Racetrack, City Scape condotels, Gaisano Malls (VICSAL),

Last January 12 and 13, 2016, RNCC Engineering Works successfully retained its ISO 9001:2008 certification after passing the three (3) year re-assessment stage audit conducted by external auditors from Certification International (CI).

External Auditors Rodolfo Viola, Jr. and Rea M. Candelario both gave a favorable recommendation for the extension of the company’s ISO accreditation for another three (3) year period and said that the different processes as defined under the organization were satisfactorily met.

The two (2) day external audit, which covered all the departmental processes as, certified were evaluated which included the assessment of two project operations.

RNCC General Manager Roldan P. Lastima, said that all these endeavors of the company are in line with the organization’s vision which is to be the benchmark of the best electrical engineering construction practices and development throughout the Southeast Asian nations.

Last February 19 and 20, 2018, RNCC Engineering Works upgraded its ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification by passing the ISO 9001:2015 Surveillance Audit done by ISO External Auditing firm Certification International (CI).

The two day activity comprised lengthy verification sessions on the organization's adaptability and conformity to the additional and new requirements under the 2015 standard.

Areas such as organizational awareness, prevention risk management and organizational directions were scrutinized and randomly checked by CI External Auditors, Rodolfo Viola, Jr. and Rea M. Candelario.

The electrical contracting firm was recommended for ISO 9001:2015 certification at the close of the Surveillance Audit after having proven that the company's Quality Management System is in conformity with the said new standard.